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O’general Split AC


O’general split AC provides excellent cooling throughout the room. These Split air conditioners have easy installation systems. The 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0-ton AC from O’general come with 3-dimensional airflow technology that evenly distributes cool air in all the parts of your room.
The AC performance remains remarkable even at 55-degree Celsius owing to its high BTU hyper-tropical compressors.

Technology Used

In addition to this, the thin high-density heat exchanger and multi-path efficiency technology in this air conditioner improves its performance thus offering cool air in a very less time and at high temperature. Besides, the AC is equipped with an anti-bacteria filter that keeps the air free from bacteria. Also, the dual protection filter installed in the air conditioner offers purified air.


These air conditioners come with useful controls like a program timer, indoor/outdoor unit quiet operation, auto changeover option, wireless remote controller, and sleep timer. In addition to this, the night glow buttons on the AC’s remote let you control the AC very conveniently even in dark and does not disturb your sleep by switching on the lights.  
You can keep a check on the temperature & humidity level information on this O General AC and set a child lock to prevent your children from using the A/C. Apart from this, the internal unit of this air conditioner requires very less for installation and also goes well with the interiors of your room. Moreover, it comes with a powder-coated outer body.

These air conditioners have Automatic Air Flow Adjustment, Power Air Flow Dual Flaps, Multi Air Flow, Large Outdoor Fan, Comfortable Air Flow, Double Swing.

Economy Mode, Powerful Mode, Coil Dry, Dry Function

Connection Method(Indoor-Outdoor)-Flare, Connection Pipe Size (Gas/Liquid) (Inches)-5/8, 1/4, Pipe Length Max (Pre-charged) (m)-20(7.5), Height Difference(m):8

Hyper Tropical Rotary and piston also COOLING PERFORMANCE Operating Current 6.8 Ampere
Eer 3.51 W/W
Moisture Removal 1.7 Liters/Hr
Cooling Capacity 5300 Watts
Power Requirements AC 220 – 240 V, 50 Hz, Single
Power Input1510 Watt

Models & Tonnage

1.5 Ton O’general AC

> ASGA18FUTD-U (Rotary Compressor)
> ASGA18FUTB-U (Piston Compressor)

2 Ton O’general AC

> ASGA24FUTD-U (Rotary Compressor)
> ASGA24FUTB-U (Piston Compressor)

2.5 Ton O’general AC

> ASGA30FUTA-U (Scroll Compressor)

3 Ton O’general AC

> ASGA36FUTA-U (Scroll Compressor)
> ASGA36FFTA-U (Scroll Compressor)

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