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O’general Cassette AC


O’general Cassette ACs are installed in the ceilings and are best suitable for places such as schools, shops, restaurants etc as they are compatible with all types of decorations.

O’general Cassette AC covers wider areas as compared to other ACs and has better air flow Direction and auto swing options.

Cassette type air conditioners are often selected when AC installation on wall is not possible due to less space or the design of the wall doesn’t match well with the unit. Cassette AC works in the same way as any other standard AC units which cool down the room and set the environment as per your desired temperature.

The main features of O’general Cassette air conditioners are that they provide High cooling, better cooling coverage in a large space, quiet while operating, energy efficiency and stylish designs.

O’general Cassette ac comes in various models and tonnage ranging from 1.5 ton to 4.5 ton of capacity and 18000 BTU to 54000 BTU.

The O’general cassette AC has the following general specifications.

best ac servicings by O Generals


These ACs have been designed in a way that the air outlet will provide powerful airflow, which cools the room quickly and more efficiently.

Remote Control: Yes
Remote: LCD Remote with Backlit,
On/Off: Timer

Consumes low power making it energy efficient and reliable.

Adjusts different functions automatically with a touch of a button.

Cooling Capacity 5.6 kW
Frequency 50HZ
Voltage 230v
Heating Capacity 6.3 kW
Refrigerant Type R410A

Models & Tonnage

1.5 Ton O’general Cassette AC

> AUGA18FRTA-UX (Rotary Compressor)

2 Ton O’general Cassette AC

> AUGA25FRTA-UX (Rotary Compressor)

2.5 Ton O’general Cassette AC

> AUGA30FRTA-UX (Scroll Compressor)

3 Ton O’general Cassette AC

> AUGA36FRTA-UX (Scroll Compressor)

4 Ton O’general Cassette AC

> AUGA45FRTA-UX (Scroll Compressor)

5 Ton O’general Cassette AC

> AUGA54FRTA-UX (Scroll Compressor)

best ac servicings by O Generals

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