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Midea VRF AC


VRF, the superior indoor climate control system. Simultaneous Heating and Cooling can be achieved by One System, meanwhile it offers maximum efficiency and comfort. The super compatibility with a wide selection of indoor units provides the flexibility to produce tailored climate control solutions for a wide range of interior scenarios.


Discover versatile comfort with our V6R Heat Recovery VRF can operate in either cooling mode or heating mode as well as both cooling and heating modes operation can be availed. The V6R VRF air conditioner can supply an advanced energy management system by using the Smart Automatic Refrigerant Temperature.

High Efficiency

META (Midea Evaporating Temperature Alteration) technology facilitates maximum energy efficiency and reduces electricity costs.

General Features

Simultaneous Heating & Cooling:
Heating -15°C – 19°C Cooling -15°C – 27°C

Leaving Water Temp: 25° – 80°C

Connection to Fresh Air Processor

Connection to AHU

Connection to Puro-Air Kit

Cooling Capacity
22.4kW – 56kW
Heating Capacity
25kW – 63kW

Compressor Type
DC Inverter
Fan Motor Type
DC Motor
Refrigerant Type

General Details

Net Dimensions (WxHxD)(mm)
Packed Dimensions (WxHxD)(mm)


Sound pressure level dB(A)

Power Supply
380-415V~ 3N ~ 50/60Hz

Connectable Indoor Units (Total Capacity)

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