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Midea Cassette AC


Midea cassette air conditioners consist of the external and internal blocks mounted on the ceiling. These conditioners are intended to be installed in a room of a larger area. The distribution of air through the cassette panels takes place in four directions. The deflection shutters allow the air flow deviation to be adjusted vertically.

Midea Ceiling Cassette’s simple design makes it easy to install, maintain and clean, that saves you a lot of service money. In addition, it is ideal for everyday use with features such as a remote control, air cleaning, heating and cooling.
All of the cassette indoor units have in-built drain pumps and decorative louver panels.
With 36000 BTU, this powerful AC system has an energy efficiency rating of A++/A+ that makes you pay less for living in a comfortable environment.

General Features

Operating Power; 220~240V, 1Ph 50Hz Ambient operating Range; C18 ~ 50C Total Input Power; Current Watts, A1640 Watts, 7.2A
Annual Power Consumption; KWH1270W
Refrigerants; R410A

Air Flow Volume (Max) CMH/ cfm1220 CMH/ 718 cmh
Air Filter Inbuilt Drain Pump
HeadInbuilt 750 mm

Remote Control, Wireless Remote Inbuilt

Compressor Type Rotary

Noise Level (Max-Min) dBA47 ~ 35 dBA

Net Dimensions |Indoor Unit I WxDxH |mm840 x 840 x 230 mm
Net Dimensions |Indoor Unit Panel I WxDxH | mm950 x 950 x 55 mm
Net Dimensions |Outdoor Unit I mm780x250x540 mm

Net weight | Indoor Unit | Kg29 Kg
Net weight | Unit/Pane

Models & Tonnage

2.0 Ton Midea Cassette AC


3.0 Ton Midea Window AC

★ MCDT4-36CRN2

4.0 Ton Midea Window AC

★ MCDT4-48CRN1

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