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Midea Split AC


The thing that makes Midea Split AC units different from others and special in a certain way is them having 2 separate units that work together.
The indoor unit and the outdoor unit are the two parts of the AC that work together and bring useful features along with them.
Midea manufacturers have been known for building products using ahead of the time technology and being most creative with their work.
Midea Split AC comes with a 5 Star energy rating. This incredible piece of air conditioning consumes 1380 Watt, which is a fair amount of energy to be consumed by electrical appliances. By using this Midea product, you get a good chance of saving on your monthly expenses.

Advanced features
Up-to-date Technology
Midea Smart solutions
Tropical compressor

General Features

Timer Yes

Dry ModeYesTurbo ModeYesSleep ModeYes


Remote Control LCD Remote
Remote Yes

Timer Yes Auto
Restart Yes
Front Panel Display Yes

Leakage detector, super turbo mode, air direction control, and auto louver memory.


Color, White
Refrigerants, R-22
Compressor, Rotary

The biggest feature of Split AC units is that the outdoor unit has the part of the system that makes noise while operating. This unit being installed outside the room gives the benefit of complete soundless cooling inside the room.

Power Requirements;
AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Power Inputs; 1380 Watt

Models & Tonnage

1.5 Ton Midea AC

★ MST1AG-18CRN1 (Rotary Compressor)
★ MST1AG18CRN1(H) (Piston Compressor)
★ MST2AB9-18CR1 (Scroll Compressor)

2.0 Ton Midea AC

★ MST1AG-24CRN1 (Rotary Compressor)
★ MST1AG24CRN1(H) (Piston Compressor)
★ MST2AB9-24CR1(Scroll Compressor)

2.5 Ton Midea AC

★ MST1AG-30CRN1 (Rotary Compressor)
★ MST1AG30CRN1(H) (Piston Compressor)
★ MST2AB6-30CR1 (Scroll Compressor)

3.0 Ton Midea AC

★ MST1AG-36CRN1 (Rotary Compressor)
★ MST1AG36CRN1(H) (Piston Compressor)
★ MST2AB6-36CR1 (Scroll Compressor)

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