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Midea Window AC

Window AC

Cool down your surroundings with this new box shaped Midea Window AC that comes with a 3 Star energy rating. Moreover, the air conditioner consumes 1164 Watt, which reduces energy consumption and you can save a lot on your monthly electricity bills.

This air conditioning system offers you a perfectly cool and fresh environment in which you can get the best sleep ever and wake up active for the day.

These ACs are available with different advanced modes with which you can control the cooling capacity and temperature of the AC as per your convenience.

General Features

Bio Filter : Present
Capacity In Tons : 1 Ton
Auto Air Swing : Present

Dry Mode: Yes
Sleep Mode: Yes

Night Glow Functions On Remote Buttons:
Remote: Yes

Timer: Yes
Auto Fan Speed: Present
Auto Restart: Yes
Front Panel Display: Yes

Indoor Noise Level Low: 47 dB,
Medium: 50 dB, High: 53 dB

Bio Filter : Present

Power Requirements, 3341 W
Power Input, 1164 Watt

Models & Tonnage

1.5 Ton Midea Window AC

★ MWT2F2-18CM

2.0 Ton Midea Window AC

★ MWT2F2-24CM

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