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O’general Ducted Split AC


The new environment friendly generation of ducted split ACs have refrigerant R410A created with the latest technology that consumes low energy and provides high efficiency.
They provide comfort and luxury to your place with the following features. 

General Features

Environment friendly refrigerant R410A;
Superb quiet performance, Powerful airflow, High efficient DC fan motor only for inverters and in the non-inverters there will be AC fan motor (no more unbearable expenses for power consumption), V-shape heat exchanger, more compact dimensions;
Versatile static pressure settings up to 150 Pa.

Large And V-shape Heat Exchanger 

The v shaped large heat exchanger and optimized airflow design is an energy saving solution. Volume capacity +22%

Airflow Design For Maximum Efficiency

The air flow is designed precisely to provide an accurate amount of cooling throughout the room and perform effectively without being boisterous.

Dc Fan Motor

Input power -50% for lower power consumption.


O’general Ducted Split AC are high energy competence. The units are capable of responding accurately to duct’s static pressure from 30 to 150 Pa. They are easy to install and maintain.

Models & Tonnage

1.5 Ton O’general Ducted inverter AC


2.0 Ton O’general Ducted inverter AC


2.5 Ton O’general Ducted inverter AC


3.0 Ton O’general Ducted inverter AC


4.0 Ton O’general Ducted inverter AC


5.0 Ton O’general Ducted inverter AC


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