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O’ General Air Conditioners in Dubai

Among those aware of it, O General Air Conditioners is a brand that enjoys great popularity. They provide a high-end line of air conditioners and are well-known in Middle Eastern nations where the temperature is typically above 45 ° C. all year round.

General air conditioner for sale is most well-known for their extended lifespan and strong quality, which enables them to work at par regardless of the environment’s temperature. Although this product is typically made in Japan, it is only imported from Thailand.

Additionally, they use inverter technology, which has low electricity consumption, in their air conditioners. Buy O general Inverter ac Online as they utilize the more energy-efficient PAM Control Panel. The sizes of ac units range from 0.75 tons to 1.5 tons and beyond. They produce splits, windows, cassettes, and other products.

Types of General Air Conditioners 

Wall Split High

We mount this standard split air conditioner on the side walls.

Ceiling Wall Split General Air Conditioners 

This split air conditioner is designed to attach to the ceiling of your home or another location. Since this product is not highly well-liked, not all manufacturers are interested in producing it. People with space restrictions on side walls or other particular needs, which are unanticipated for me, typically need this product.

General Air Conditioners Price

General air conditioner price in UAE is not uniform since some general a/c is expensive and some general a/c is not expensive. Buy Air Conditioners at the Best Price and different models, including Dc inverter, non-inverter, split, portable, floor standing, and window air conditioners.


  1. Which is the best model in O General AC?

The O General AXGT18FHTA 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC is one of the most well-known O General air conditioners.

  1. How long does o General AC last?

They are somewhat power-efficient, but if you don’t mind paying a high price for the product, you should keep in mind that after using it for three to four years, your electricity costs will cover the cost of the device.

  1. Which AC is best, inverter or normal?

The inverter model is without a doubt the most energy-efficient air conditioner. It is smoother and more effective than an air conditioner with a fixed speed. The variable speed compressor helps the environment by using less electricity.

  1. Is 1 ton AC enough for what room size?

Tonnage is crucial in this context. For example, a 1-ton window air conditioner or a 1.5-ton split air conditioner is the best option for rooms up to 150–160 square feet.

  1. How much electricity does o General AC consume?

The air conditioner can be set to run on home leave. Use the night glow buttons on the remote to interact with the A/C at night without waking anyone else. The 1510 Watt air conditioner features a dry function.

  1. Does inverter AC reduce electricity bills?

Due to the way an inverter air conditioner operates, its compressor does not operate at total capacity, sparing you from spending a hefty sum on electricity units. As a result, it is far more effective than a non-inverter AC because it allows you to reduce your power expense significantly.

  1. Is O General Japanese?

The Japanese company Fujitsu General is the owner of the General Air Conditioners.

  1. Can I run my AC 24 hours a day?

Modern air conditioners are made to run continuously throughout the day. It won’t hurt if you leave it on all day to keep your house cool. Your AC unit might run continuously, seven days a week, if desired. Your air conditioner’s compressor does not constantly operate if your thermostat is set to “auto.”

  1. Do air conditioners need rest?

Continuous use of air conditioners causes them to deteriorate more quickly. If you want to be away from home for any period, it is crucial to turn off the air conditioner. If you want the unit to stay on but not cool the air, you can adjust the thermostat by at least 5 degrees.

  1. Does o General consume more electricity?

When it comes to the case of power consumption, Yes, they are power efficient, and general air conditioner prices are pretty affordable.